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QUAD Niagara

With the purchase of a QUAD Niagara membership club members have access to year round riding on our insured trails, invitation to monthly meetings, fun events, community involvement, and access to our family of clubs.  We provide experiences the whole family can enjoy.

We encourage volunteer involvement.  Our club members participate in parades, shows, club rides along with other various events.  Our members also focus on supporting our community through our support of local community organizations.  We feel it is important to give back to our community.

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Club History

QUAD Niagara started with a vision in 2007.  A group of ATV enthusiasts banded together to form a club with a vision to create a legal ATV trail system in the Niagara region.  We wanted to create a safe riding environment for our club members that would provide enjoyable outdoor motorized recreation and would provide local ATVers exceptional riding experiences.

With years of lobbying the Niagara Region and the help of local municipalities, we were able to get the necessary permits to begin construction on our new trail system.  In particular, Port Colborne understood our vision and made many contributions to make all of this possible.  The club was low in memberships and had very minimal funds.  We rose above our challenges and here we are today!  QUAD Niagara is committed to working with local municipalities, businesses and the public to educate and continue to create a larger trail network for everyone to enjoy.  We will continue to promote safe and responsible riding, trail maintenance, trail patrol and tourism promotions.  QUAD Niagara is a not for profit incorporated organization.

Message from the QUAD Niagara President

Welcome to QUAD Niagara, My name is Tracy-Lynn.  I would like to thank my fellow board members, past and present, as well as all of the volunteers for all your dedication and efforts that makes a huge difference in what we stand for today.  I would also like to personally thank every member who has volunteered their time doing trade shows, council meetings, board meetings, trail patrol, maintenance events and administration. All of these functions are very important to be able to have the growth of our club and grow the sport we all love.  Your dedication and enthusiasm never goes unnoticed.

QUAD Niagara has participated in a large number of community events such as parades, safety days, public education and other community involvement. We take part in major trade shows and conferences to ensure we are the voice of our members. Our club has an outstanding representation within our community and within many regions in Ontario.  We have participated in various trade shows, events and search and rescue efforts, working along with municipal law enforcement and fire and rescue.  Being out in the public eye is crucial to our growth and development of the amazing club we have all formed.  Looking into the future of the “dream“, I would like to see our trail system and membership grow into other municipalities around us promoting tourism and the love of our family orientated sport.  Our trails offer scenic views of the many ships passing through the Welland Canal that not only are ATVers experience but also the many other trail users.  I invite you to come and enjoy some local culture with us.  One of the most rewarding things I have come across in my years with QUAD Niagara is standing on the side lines and seeing our vision come alive.  By seeing QUAD Niagara’s name on merchandise all around Ontario and our volunteers communicating with other riders about our club.

Happy trails, ride safe and enjoy life!

Tracy-Lynn Bell

President / Founder

QUAD Niagara ATV Club Inc.

Trail Head Address

2999 Ramey Road, Port Colborne, Ontario, L3K 5V5